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Pre-Teen, Teen, cooperative, medium, Average
2-4 Players
Price: $30-40
In this game you play a group of Center for Disease Control (CDC) workers traveling around the world to eliminate 4 deadly diseases. Your mission is to find the cure to the 4 diseases before they wipe out the human population. Working together to gather the necessary resources, keep the diseases from getting out of hand, and making use of each CDC member’s skills to their best advantage you try to wipe out the 4 deadly diseases. During each turn, diseases “pop up” in new cities, if a city gets too many counter then there is an outbreak. There’s also the chance of drawing an epidemic card which can cause multiple outbreaks. Can you and your team take out the diseases before they destroy the world’s population?

This is a great game because it encourages a lot of communication and teamwork to get the job done. Everyone is playing on the same side against the game and you have to make every turn count, there’s no point in hiding your cards or undermining other players because everyone wins or everyone loses. One of the best aspects of the game is how confident you can feel one turn and how bad things can go the next. Sometimes outbreaks occur and cause chained events that spirals the game out of control.
Skills: Communication, teamwork, strategy, planning, spatial awareness, geography

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