Apples To Apples

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Early Child (with Junior edition, see below) Pre-teen, teen, competitive, short, compact
3+ players
Price: $20-30
A classic game often used in our After-School Adventures program. Apples to Apples is a card matching game, where once per round a judge is selected to determine the winner. The judge flips over a Green card (descriptions/adjectives) and players give the judge a red card (things) they think either matches the green card well or is really silly. The judge then decides the winner of the round, and hands the green card to the winner. Get your red card selected seven times and you win! It’s a game that often turns funny to see who can come up with the silliest combinations, but judges get free reign over deciding who wins the round.
We play this so much at our programs! It’s a fun family game that gets kids thinking creatively about what cards they think matches well, or gives them a chance to express their humor with a card they think pairs up ridiculously with the green card. Once the cards are revealed they can choose to even debate for against their cards or others prompting some hilarious and fun conversations. The best part of the game is you can have as little as 3 players, or a whole party of 10 or more! Definitely one of our favorite choices, it’s easy to learn and very fun to play! If you have a younger crowd, we recommend Apple to Apples Junior, as some of the references in the normal game might get lost on younger audiences.
Skills: Logic and reasoning, creativity, decision making, sportsmanship, language, history, debate

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