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Pre-teen, teen, competitve, short, travel, compact
1-8 players
Price: $10-$15
If you like Scrabble you will love Bananagrams, and if you don’t like Scrabble, you just might find this becomes your favorite word game! Bananagrams is a fast paced game where players essentially build their own crossword puzzle. When a players uses all of his initial letters, then all players must take 1 tile. Play repeats itself until the last tile is taken, and whoever uses all of their tiles first is the winner!
It’s a simple, easy, and very fun game that teaches quick word recognition and creativity, as well as spatial recognition and logic. It very well could replace your scrabble board, as it’s compact and travels well. In our experience it even brings in the reluctant word gamer, who normally wouldn’t be interested in such games. A new family favorite for sure!
Skills: Vocabulary, decision making, spatial recognition, creativity


**Also comes in a Junior Version for younger players!

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