Fabled Fruit

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Pre-teen, teen, competitive, fabled, medium, average
2-5 players
Price: $30-35
The Fabled Fruits of the jungle are yours for the taking to make the most delicious smoothies. Each player is playing an animal of the jungle and your goal is to collect the fabled fruits of the jungle and make the tastiest smoothies. Each location in the jungle has its own special rules and ways to get fruit, maybe you take some from another animal or maybe you trade in 1 type for another, the locations vary. The most interesting aspect of the game is that after you play a game, the next time you sit down as a family you can pick up where you left off and the rules will slightly change based on the new/different locations. You begin with locations 1-6, once one is sold, you start finding new locations that open more options and alter the game play. At the end of the first play through you might end up with a few of location 1, none of location 2, some of 3-6, a few of location 7 and maybe even 1 of location 8 (you always have 24 total location cards available) and when you sit down to play the next game, you’ll pick up right where you left off and continue. After your second play through you may end up with a whole different collection of locations and so on. There are 59 different locations to get through leading to a ton of replay ability.
Fabled Fruits is a super fun and cute way to teach strategy, counting, patience, and payoff. Some cards require you to trade cards with another or to give cards to other players in order to gain more cards, big risk with potentially big rewards. With the Fabled version of the game and that it changes each session as you pull out more locations, it increases the amount of playability of the game.
Skills: Strategy, counting, risks/rewards

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