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Pre-teen, Teen, competitive, medium, average
2-5 Players
Price: $15-20
You are in charge of a forest and growing it to make the Kodama, tree spirits, happy. Each player is given a base and secret incentives to use to guide your tree growth. Each of the 3 seasons also has additional incentives to help determine how you might want to grow your trees. On you turn you select and place a branch card on your tree to grow it larger and then add your points, making sure that your newly place branch does not overlap too many other cards or is hanging off the edge of the table. More consecutive types of insects or flowers on your tree grant you great bonuses as well as those on your secret Kodama card. At the end of each season you add up your secret Kodama bonuses.
This game is great for teaching spatial awareness as each branch card that is placed must not cover a certain amount of other cards, more than a % of the previous branch card, and can not hang off the edge of the table. Once a branch is placed, it cannot be moved or removed.
Skills: Strategy, spatial awareness, counting, math, decision making

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