Settlers of Catan

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Early Child (With Catan Junior) Pre-teen, teen, competitive, short, average
2-4 Players or 5-6 players with the expansion pack
Price: $40-45
You and your competitors have all landed on a new island, called Catan, and you are in a race to see who can fully settle the island first. You will build settlements, roads, and trade with other players for valuable resources. Each new settlement will bring you a step closer to victory. Earn 10 victory points and be crowned the victor!
The board game that started the Euro-board game craze! Settlers of Catan has quickly been a classic and mainstay of the new generation of board gamers. With multiple avenues for victory, and the ability to interact with other players through trade, it teaches both cooperative and competitive skills. If you have a younger crowd we highly recommend Catan Junior for a simplified game experience. Another easy to pick up hard to master game, it will surely earn a place in your Family Game Night rotation!
Skills: Strategy, lines of play, risk and reward evaluation, cooperation, sportsmanship, tactical thinking, resource management

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