Ticket To Ride

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Pre-teen, teen, competitive, long, large
2-5 players
Price: $40-50
Who doesn’t want to be a railroad tycoon and build their railroad empire across the United States? In Ticket to Ride, you are doing just that. You start the game with a goal and each turn you can either collect more train cars or you can build train tracks, earning you points. The goal of the game is to complete paths between the cities marked on your goal cards, but don’t get caught at the end of the game with an incomplete goal card because those count against your final score! Risk sometimes pays off, by selecting a card with a longer distance between the two cities you have to strategize to make sure you connect the two by any means necessary, but if you do, they can have large bonuses to your final score. You build tracks by having the same number and color of train cars in your hand as there are spaces on the board between the two cities. Once you do, you can use a turn to build those tracks and claim that route! Don’t wait too long or you might miss out on your chance to make the shortest connection.
Ticket to Ride looks very complex at first, but it is a beautifully simple game to play. Setup doesn’t take too long and then you’re able to jump right in to the game. The game can help kids learn where major cities in the United States are and general geographic locations. There are also several expansions including one for Europe and Netherlands to add to their geography skills.
Skills: spatial awareness, counting, geography (US for base game), strategy, problem solving


**There is a Junior version of Ticket To Ride available for younger players.

**Getting the Nederlands allows for 2 players and World Geography

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