Tiny Epic Galaxies

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Pre-teen, teen, competitive, short, travel, compact
1-5 players
Price: $40-45
Tiny Epic Galaxies is a crowd favorite in our programs. You take on the role of an intergalactic empire that has to make a series of decisions on how to expand and grow. Using dice as the main game mechanic, the choices you roll influence your decision making to take actions such as conqueror planets, increasing your spaceship fleet, powering your empire with energy or culture, or building colonies for special bonuses. Don’t let all the decision making fool you, it’s an easy game to pick up and play, but difficult to master. Carefully planning and weighing your options correctly will surely lead you to be supreme among the stars!

This game is filled with strategic decision making and rewards careful planning. It’s an excellent game to teach decision making. An added bonus is the packing it comes in. It’s very small, and comes packed with everything you need to play, the box can substitute for a dice box in travel situations as well! Additionally take different challenges in the single player mode to practice your skills and play with different strategies. The perfect game whether you are at home or on the go!
Skills: Strategy and decision making, risk/reward evaluation, sportsmanship, lines of thinking/play (planning)

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