Our Impact

Hero Spark is providing unique learning opportunities for kids throughout Central Florida. Since we began our mission in 2015, our reach has grown immensely—and continues to expand each year!

Take a look below to see highlights from last year!

Hero Spark 2018 Annual Report  - coming soon!

Hero Spark 2018 Annual Report - coming soon!


Most Kids Served Yet!

In 2018, Hero Spark once again had a record-breaking year serving 262 kids through its After School Adventures and camp programming. These kids made up thousands of visits to our library-based programs, with some Heroes visiting over 50 times throughout the year!

Family Game Nights


Hero Spark hosted 10 Family Game Nights in 2018. Family time is important and in today’s busy world, finding ways to unplug and connect is more important than ever. We occasionally help host family game nights at local schools, libraries, and game stores to help introduce you and your family to new games. Come by one of our events to learn how to jump start your very own Family Game Night and find new games to engage the whole family, teach new skills, and encourage communication and connections!

Honestly, without Hero Spark I’m not sure where I would be, it’s almost my entire social life and it fills it very well. Playing D&D and building Warhammer armies are both very fun and I’ve never been a part of an organization that’s made me feel so much at home
— Jessie T. (15), Hero Spark Student