Summer Programs

Family Game Time at the Library!

This summer we are thrilled to be partnering with the Orange County Library System, and Disney to do a series of Family Game Time events! These events will be a great opportunity for you and your family to learn how to break out of the weekly routine by starting your own Family Game Nights! We’ll be demoing up to 30 different games (not just your typical Monopoly or Candyland experience) to use to get the family together. Learn how to unplug to disconnect through new and exciting games that teach core skills and spark an interest in the world around!

A BIG thank you to our partners! Disney and the Orange County Library System for making these events happen!


Dungeons & Dragons Days!

Interested in an ALL DAY crash course for Dungeons & Dragons? Our D&D Days are your chance to come run a one shot if you’re interested in trying on the GM (Game Master) mantle or jump in as a player! Students of all play levels are encouraged to come by for the day to learn the basics of the game, play in an exciting one shot adventure, or dip their toes in the water to try out running the game for the day! Regardless of what side of the screen you sit on for the day you’re sure to have fun!

Warhammer Programs

In early 2018 we began our Warhammer programs and we’ve expanded to offer them during the school year and over the summer! Be sure to check out our Programs & Events Calendar to see when our Warhammer Programs are taking place. We’re offering a Paint & Play program where students can learn to build, paint, and play the exciting strategic game of Warhammer 40k or Warhammer Age of Sigmar. We also offer a Kill Team program teaching students the fundamentals of building an elite and rich Kill Team with a emphasis on backgrounds and history and then teaching them how this unique version of Warhammer is played! Both programs give students a chance to stretch those strategic thinking skill and hone their artistic abilities as they work to make their unique armies ready for battle on the table.

D&D Camps

We are partnering with the library to offer one week camps for Dungeons & Dragons! We will be teaching new students about the game, mechanics, and storytelling. Veteran players can dip their toes into running their own game and learning how to bring new players to the table and run a fun and successful game!

Also a huge thanks to Krum’s World Comics & Games for helping us acquire our games for the summer programs and Campus Cards & Games 2 for the space for D&D Days!