Summer Programs FAQ

Thinking about signing up your young hero for one of our unique summer programs but still have questions? Our Summer Programs FAQ is here to help!

What is the Camp like?

Now entering our 6th year of summer camps, Hero Spark Adventures will introduce your child to the wide world of role-playing games (RPGs). They will be taught everything they need to know to play Dungeons and Dragons, or for our younger students, No Thank You, Evil.

Over the week students will join adventure parties, these adventures parties over the week will do four things.

1: Write their own adventures, a place where your child’s imagination comes to life!

2. Create their own character, to join their friends adventures

3. Play the games that they and their friends have come up with, using either Dungeons and Dragons or No Thank You Evil.

4. Learn through different social and educational activities that will help prepare anyone for school and real world situations!

What are some examples of Education and Social-Emotional learning through games?

Role-Playing Games are packed full of potential to be used as a fun way to teach social-emotional skills and educational skills, and that’s where Hero Spark Comes in. Our years of experience, and the way we structure our camp allows us to teach these skills in a fun and entertaining way. Our Hero Spark Adventure camp focuses on the following skills:

Creative Writing Teamwork

Strategy Imagination

Leadership Community and Friendship

Problem Solving Skills Social Skills

Students took a survey in our recent Spring Break Camp and they reported:

  • 80% of our students played more strategically since they started playing D&D

  • 85% Said their teamwork has improved because of the camp

  • 85% Said they were more creative because of the camp

  • 61% Said they were more comfortable speaking in front of friends and 71% felt more comfortable speaking in front of strangers

  • 100% said they made friends this week

  • 70% Felt more confident in a leadership role

And don’t just take our word, here are some additional articles on the subject of learning through play!

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What Safety measures are in place to ensure my child has a safe and enjoyable EXPERIENCE?

While your child is with us, we will do everything we can to ensure they have a fun and safe experience. All of our staff and volunteers have passed a background check provided by Verified Volunteers, you may see more information about Verified Volunteers on their website. Furthermore, our background checking service updates all checks monthly so we have up-to-date information.

For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, camp rules and expectations are covered on the first day of the program. Please see our permission/registration form for more details.

We keep record of any allergies your child might have, and ensure they do not come into contact with anything harmful to them. We will provide light snacks throughout the camp, but it is recommended to pack a lunch. it’s tough to be an adventurer on an empty stomach!

We use a sign-in/out sheet for when you drop-off and pick up your child, ensuring they are exactly where they need to be, and leaving with the right person. If for some reason you cannot pick up your child and ask a friend or relative, you must authorize them to do so on our permission slip, and they must show ID. We take safety very seriously and hold ourselves to the highest standards.

In case of emergency, it is important to leave us two contact methods on the permission slip, and anyone you would authorize to pick up your children as well, preferably this would be a number where they can be reached at during camp hours!

Tell me more about the Camp space. Who is Social Bridges?

We are proud to have selected Social Bridges to host our Hero Spark Adventures camps in 2019. Social Bridges is an organization dedicated to teaching youth and adults social skills, and they have kids-programming already established for over a decade, and as such are well equipped for our programs. They are centrally located in Maitland, and have a wonderful space, perfect for D&D. We couldn’t ask for a better partner!

What will my child be doing in the camp?

Our formula is similar throughout all of our programs: social gaming + fun learning activities = a literal “happy camper .” Throughout the week your child will learn the ins and out of role-playing games. Using our “One Page Dungeon” Worksheet, they will be able to create their own adventure for their friends to journey through, and they will also create a character so they can adventure through their friend’s stories as well. There will be activities along the way from how to lead a group of players and table etiquette, to what makes an Adventure fun? How do you write something compelling? By the end of the camp they’ll know and have everything they’ll need to continue playing with their newfound friends long after the camp is over!

How Much is the Camp? What value do I get from this camp?

The camp is over, your child has had a blast! They have met new friends, they feel confident about their teamwork and creative writing abilities, and they want to play more, now what?! In addition to the benefits of the camp, your child will also receive a Hero Spark T-shirt, a “Book of Beginnings” a bound and printed book full of the campers adventures throughout the week, ready to be played at anytime, and our Gamer Survival Kit, which includes, the Book of Beginnings, a quick refresher on how to run your own RPG game, and information on how to keep playing both with Hero Spark, and at home!

Meet The Camp Staff

Phil Zoshak: Phil has ten years now working with students on creative writing and gaming. Phil holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Central Florida. After college, Phil served in the Americorp program Public Allies, where he was recognized for his service by taking part in the Public Allies 2013 National Leadership Conference. When not working tirelessly at Hero Spark, Phil, of course, spends his time as an uber nerd, creating his own D&D games and playing on the weekends, because apparently teaching D&D at work isn’t enough! Phil is happily married to his wife Amanda, and probably has the cutest rescue greyhound ever, Lady.

More Questions?

No Worries! For any other questions or a copy of the full activities schedule, please email